Windows 7 to 11 migration will be free

The little birds has whispered to me that the giant is about to give birth, and its new child is obviously windows 11, a few pictures has already been leaked and Microsoft already confirmed that its putting an end to Windows 10 in 2025 especially after the new.

While the picture is a little bit suspicious since the settings icon look almost identical to Android if not, which is something that Microsoft would never do, also the apps icons in the middle with the start button in the left that kind of design give a little bit of MacOS vibes but I don’t know it might be what is really coming, and to be honest I somehow like that start menu it look a little bit cleaner.

Well let’s get to the real subject of this post and what was said in the title of it, earlier today a new leak has been posted and its source is XDA Developers, the leak state that the upgrade from windows 10 will be possible, but also free for windows 8.1 and 7 (not windows 8) which makes it clear that Microsoft is planning to make windows 11 successful from its release by luring people to migrate to it.

Around 5 days are left before the big event of Microsoft where its going to release its new windows 11 that will take windows 10 to live with its ancestors.

Funny fact, even thought Microsoft is about to release windows 11, after 6 years of development and glory on windows 10 people still uses its older child Windows XP (I saw them).

Well that was all, see ya next time.


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